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Bye-bye AUTV and thanks


Today is a gloomy day for us, as we have to communicate that we wont’s continue organizing Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord. The great adventure started in 2009 ends today and no more editions of the event will be held in the future. We have thought a lot and discussed all the options before making this decision, but we are in a situation that makes it impossible for us to organize the event in the upcoming years.

First of all, and most importantly for us: we want to thank all the runners, volunteers, sponsors, workers and fellow citizens who have supported us all this time. Without you this great adventure would not be possible, and we will keep the good memories of the moments spent together.

The reasons that led us to make this decision are two: economic, but above all, moral.

As you know, the context of exceptional crisis and uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, led us to decide to cancel the 2020 edition in order to ensure the safety of all our runners.

In that time, the non-payment of our most important sponsor has plunged us into an unsustainable economic situation, making it impossible to refund the entire registration fee. In fact, after spending 8 months preparing the event, and without this sponsor, we were unable to refund more than 70% of the registrations to our runners. We also couldn’t secure the bib for 2021, as we didn’t have the main sponsorships agreement signed.

With this situation we had a loss of about € 60,000. However, we were willing to assume the loss to allow the event to continue.

But, meanwhile, a defamation campaign started, and the names of the event and of our family were dragged through the mud and we even received personal threats, which we had reported to the police.

So, it is the lack of moral support that finally led us to make the decision about not to continue with the organization of the event; we have been unwilling to fight. They cut off our wings; no one is a prophet in his own country…

Although the Andorra Ultra Trail Vallnord is over, we keep the good memories of the 11 magnificent editions we have had, and above all, all those who have accompanied us along the way:

  • Our runners from all over the world, always faithful to the event, with whom we shared strong emotions and who we were eager to see again each summer (for which we are seeking redress)
  • Our super volunteers who, with smiles and commitment, have been a pillar of the AUTV throughout the years and with whom we have created a family
  • Our sponsors and partners without whom this event would not have been possible, and with whom we have worked hand by hand since 2009
  • Our employees who had been preparing the 2020 edition, working hard during confinement to respond to all requests for refund, sometimes under insults, they were ready to put all their energy into next year’s event and now find themselves out of work.
  • The members of our team who, with professionalism, did everything possible to guarantee the safety of the runners during this great celebration of sport, without forgetting the medical staff and preventives.
  • The village of Ordino which provided the ideal environment and atmosphere
  • Our beloved Andorran mountains, of which we have explored every corner and that we are proud to have been able to let you discover
  • All those who, by their presence with us, their advice, their messages of encouragement and their support made this great and beautiful adventure possible

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we have no doubt that we will soon meet us on the paths of this vast world.