Frequently asked questions

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Are they still open?

Registrations remain open until the deadline, or until we reach the maximum number of runners (established in the summary). If you try to register online, online the available races will appear.

I cannot see my name on the registration list

After paying, your name will appear at the preregistration list In this list you will be able to see what kind of additional information or documents you need to provide in order to get to the official registration list .

When do I have to send the medical certificate?

You have to send it as soon as possible; your place won’t be reserved until you validate your registration with a valid medical certificate (article 9 of regulations). Think that the registrations in your race can close quickly and you risk to find yourself outside...

What can I do to get a medical certificate?

You have to visit a doctor (some doctors will ask you to do a physical test) to adquire the certificate

Am I covered in Andorra with my running licence?

We cannot answer to that. You should talk to your federation to see if you are or not covered in Andorra.

Where can I contract an insurance policy?

If you have a running licence, you should talk to your federation in order to expand your coverage. If that’s not possible, the bank Crèdit Andorrà can make you a proposal just for the days of the race.

Can I cancel my registration?

Of course, but we will refund you a part of what you paid ONLY if you subscribed our cancellation insurance when you made the registration.

What’s the cancellation process?

You can find the description in the rules (article 17).

What is my category?

The category is calculated at your registration, depends on your birth’s year (independently of the month of the race).

During the race

Where can I find a place to stay?

I bought a meal, what is that exactly?

It is a final race meal that awaits you in Ordino no matter when you finish (from Saturday 1:00 p.m. to Sunday 9:30 p.m.). You can share it with your friends (companion’s meal). You can purchase the meal (if they are still available) during the registration or when you go for your race bib.

How does the aid station work?

When you will come for your race bib, we will give to you a coloured bag according to the number of aid stations of your race (2 for the Ronda dels cims and Mític, 1 for the Celestrail). You can fill it with everything you may need; clothes, food etc… except running poles. Then you just have to let it into a van, and we will take it for you to the aid station. When you arrive to the aid station you will be able to change your clothes or whatever you’ll need. You will find your bags at the end of your race. For Eufòria, we give you a single bag that we will transport from one accommodation area to other accommodation area until arrival.

After the race

Will I get a gift?

All of those who will finish the races will have a gift. They have to go to “Sports Center” to reclaim it during the opening hours.

Will I get a prize?

During the award ceremony on Sunday, the first, second and third runner (men and women) of every race* will be rewarded with a prize.
The first, second and third runner (men and women) of each category for every race will be also rewarded (they will have to reclaim their prize at “Sala la Buna” during the opening hours).

* Solidaitrail is NOT a race, is a march.