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The heart of a country

Pastilles AUTV Celestrail

A beautiful loop of 50 miles, particular and wild (as all our races) but where there are some sections charmingly hilly to recover after three big passes in more of 2,500 m of height.

  • 83 k ( 50 mi.) 5,000 meters (16,404.20'ft) of elevation gain and 5.000 meters (16,404.20'ft) of elevation loss (*)
  • Departure from Ordino town centre at night on Friday and finish in Ordino town centre
  • The most spectacular feature: the ridge of Cap de l'Ovella
  • Many sections can be run
  • Steepest slope: 34% (340-metre climb in 1 km) the last section before reaching Coll d'Arenes
  • Longest ascent: 5.5 k (770-metre climb or, in other words a gradient of 14%) from Escaldes to Coll Jovell
  • Average altitude: 1,775 meters
  • Sticks allowed
  • 7 refreshment points

(*) Measured using GPS Garmin Forerunner 310 XT

 Option of finishing at Prat Gran: Marató de Muntanya diploma, 45 km, 3,000 m D+

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Time limits:

  • Saturday on 11.00 am (11-hours race): Escaldes
  • Saturday on 2.30 pm (14.5 -hours race): Pardines
  • Saturday on 5.30 pm (17.5 -hours race): Armiana
  • Saturday on 7.30 pm (19.5 -hours race): Coll d'Arenes