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As every year, to the moment of the inscription, every runner can do a donation of 4 € to one or several of these NGO's (the organization will donate 4€ to these NGO's for each racing finisher):

ONGASL    Is a civil and voluntary association. It aims to provide technical and logistical support and training to organizations and communities in developing countries. The Emergency Rescue Team of Catalonia aim to respond to a wide range of natural and man-made disasters, sending a team of volunteers, all professionals linked to the emergency services.
 ONGcooperand   This Andorran NGO aid children at risk of exclusion in Bolivia. It collect aid and work to remove children from the streets and to reintegrate them into society. Just as important is to save these children from total marginalization as, for instance, by having a long-term project that offers them the skills necessary to reintegrate back into society at the age of 18.
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The Association for Affects of Autism of Andorra (AUTEA) defends the individual rights of people with autism problems. They work for a greater social conscience, to improve the training of professionals and to provide the person who attends autism with opportunities for training and employment. There is said in some studies than 1% of new births could present autism, we all have to get involved.


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