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A trip around a whole country
Pastilles AUTV Mtic
A trip around the whole of the Principality of Andorra, including a visit to its highest point, Comapedrosa, at an altitude of 2,942 meters, and other iconic peaks. In the light of the full moon on the longest days.
  • 112 k (70 mi.) 9,700 meters (31,824.15'ft) of elevation gain and 9,700 metres (31,824.15'ft) of elevation loss (*)
  • Departure from Ordino town centre at night on Friday and finish in Ordino town centre
  • The most spectacular feature: grassy ridges with panoramic views
  • The most technical sections: 2 completely safe rocky ridge sections
  • Steepest slope: 30% (882-meter climb in 3 km) from Pla de l'Estany to Comapedrosa peak
  • Longest ascent: 8.5 km (1,553-meter climb or, in other words, a gradient of 18%) from Margineda's bridge at Coll del Bou mort
  • Average altitude: 2,062 meters
  • Sticks allowed
  • 10 refreshment points

(*) Measured using GPS Garmin Forerunner 310 XT

Option of finishing at Grau Roig: Ultra fons diploma, 73.5 k, 7,100 m D+

Option of finishing at la Margineda: Marató de muntanya diploma, 44 k, 3,900 m D+

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Time limits:

  • Saturday at 9.30 am (11.5-hour race): Coll de la Botella
  • Saturday at 2.00 pm (16-hour race): La Margineda
  • Saturday at 10.00 pm (26-hour race): Prat Primer
  • Saturday at 12.00 pm (26-hour race): Refugi de l'Illa (**)
  • Sunday at 6.00 am (32-hour race): Grau Roig
  • Sunday at 10.00 am (30-hour race): Vall d'Incles
  • Sunday at 5.30 pm (43.5-hour race): Sorteny

(**) In the last hour prior to closure, runners must leave in groups of at least 3 people