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Ronda dels cims description

Ne plus ultra
 Pastilles AUTV Ronda
Giant route around the whole Principality of Andorra, including a visit to its highest point, Comapedrosa at an altitude of 2,942 meters, touching on the border. In the light of the full moon on the longest days.
  • 170 k ( 106 mi.) 13,500 meters (44,291.34'ft) of elevation gain and 13.500 meters (44,291.34'ft) of elevation loss.
  • Departure from Ordino town centre on Friday on the morning and finish in Ordino town centre
  • 16 peaks or passes upon 2,400 meters
  • Average altitude: 2,085 meters
  • The most spectacular feature: panoramic views, alternate zones of minerals, high mountain meadows, forests, glacial lakes...
  • The most technical section: some completely safe rocky ridge sections
  • Sticks allowed
  • 14 refreshment points

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Technical difficulty(*):

  A Tarmac road or well-signposted track, virtually rock- and root-free terrain Trouble-free running. Easy to eat or hydrate without affecting pace
  B Well-signposted track, slightly irregular terrain with some stones or roots Relatively trouble-free running, although requires some attention
  C Irregular, slippery and/or narrow track with a lot of stones and/or roots Running requires concentration
  D Very irregular, slippery and/or narrow track with a lot of stones and/or roots Running requires great concentration
  E Very difficult, slippery and irregular terrain (scree or rocks) Requires total concentration. Ankles and quadriceps must be in very good shape

(*) This criterion is completely independent of height difference. It is intended as a classification of the nature of the terrain.

Time limits:

  • Friday at 5 pm (10-hours race): Coma d'Arcalís
  • Saturday at 9 am (26-hours race): Margineda
  • Saturday at 10 pm (39-hours race): Prat Primer
  • Sunday at 2 am (43-hours race): Refugi de l'Illa
  • Sunday at 8 am (49-hours race): Pas de la Casa
  • Sunday at 12 am (53-hours race): Vall d'Incles
  • Sunday at 7.30 pm (60.5-hours race): Sorteny


  • previously participation in the Ronda dels cims in 2018 or 2019,
  • with proof of having finished, in the last 2 years, a non stop race of
    • over 100 km with more than 4,500 m elevation gain, or
    • over 165 km with more than 2,500 m elevation gain